Return to Work Plans Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has interrupted many businesses across the country. While it’s unclear how long COVID-19 will continue to affect organizations, many employers are looking to the future of employees returning to work.

In preparation for reopening your business and asking employees to come back to work, it’s imperative that your company thoughtfully constructs a return to work plan for its employees to keep everyone healthy and safe following the COVID-19 pandemic.

NEEBCo has a library of both employer and employee coronavirus resources, including the below return to work guidance materials. Contact your NEEBCo representative for additional information and resources.

Guide to Creating a Return to Work Action Plan

SAMPLE Return to Work Action Plan

5 Practice and Policy Considerations in Advance of Return to Work

Return to Work Action Plan Discussion Guide

Post-coronavirus Workplace Preparedness Checklist

Post-coronavirus Return to Work Cleaning Checklist

Return to Work Updating the Office – Poster

PPP Guidance for Employees Refusing to Return to Work

Return to Work Plans Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

Designing a Post-coronavirus Office

Reopening a Business After the Coronavirus Shutdown

Responding to an Employee’s Postive Coronavirus Test

Screening Employee Temperatures Upon Return to Work

Wearing Facial Coverings or Masks in the Workplace During COVID-19