Additional New Hampshire COVID-19 Emergency Orders

An additional series of emergency orders have been released by Governor Sununu in response to the COVID-19 virus. The updated orders address such considerations as public meeting access, compounding of hand sanitizer, mail order pharmacies, telehealth services and prohibition on scheduled gatherings of 10 or more attendees.

Online Notarization of Legal Documents
Emergency Order #11 provides authority to perform secure, online notarization of legal documents without the signatory personally appearing before the notarial officer.

Access to Public Meetings
Emergency Order #12 allows state and local governments to conduct meetings through electronic means, while preserving the public’s right to receive notice and observe state and local government meetingsvia telephone, video or other electronic means.

Pharmacies Permitted to Compound Hand Sanitizer and Provide Remote Services
Emergency Order #13 temporarily allows New Hampshire pharmacists and pharmacies to compound and sell hand sanitizer over the counter under certain conditions. The order also allows all pharmacy technicians to perform non-dispensing tasks remotely and under remote supervision from a licensed pharmacist.

Out-of-State Mail-Order Pharmacies
Emergency Order #14 temporarily authorizes licensed, out-of-state pharmacies to ship drugs involved in clinical trials to residents of New Hampshire if the drugs cannot be obtained in-person due to COVID-19.

Telehealth and Remote Instruction of New Hampshire Children
Emergency Order #15 allows out-of-state licensed medical providers to provide services to New Hampshire residents through telehealth and allows them to perform services to further instruction of New Hampshire school children specific to their Individual Education Program (“IEP”).

While New Hampshire does not currently have an Essential Business Order, many New Hampshire residents working in Massachusetts are impacted by the Massachusetts order. It is recommended that New Hampshire residents continuing to work by providing essential services carry with them evidence of employment in the event their travel is questioned.

Refer to the below link for details.

Governor Sununu’s COVID-19 Emergency Orders