HR Lawline / HR Compliance

HR Lawline is a valuable resource that provides clients direct access to a national bank of attorneys that specialize in employment law. The attorneys will provide confidential and documented responses to questions related to employment law such as hiring, termination, federal and state regulations, worker’s compensation and FMLA. NEEBCo encourages clients to take full advantage of the HR Lawline as this resource allows employers and HR professionals to better protect themselves from risk by resolving employee issues resulting in potential savings in risk management and legal expenses.

  • Direct access to employment law attorneys
  • Confidential, documented and attorney-client privileged responses
  • Resources for more than 50 different employment law and risk management issues
  • Risk management tools
  • Employee handbook building tool, state specific
  • Unlawful harassment prevention training
  • Customizable HR risk management resources
  • HR Express updates, employment laws and risk management
  • Relationship managers to provide HR Lawline support
  • Bi-monthly CE credit webinars that cover broad range of HR topics
  • CE credit eligible webinars through the HR Certification Center
  • Employment forms, posters, news and more
  • No additional cost to NEEBCo clients

HR Compliance is a comprehensive online resource center that provides solutions to help manage complex compliance challenges. NEEBCo is experienced in providing administrative support for HR related issues and provides HR Compliance to address all compliance questions, concerns and resource needs.

HR Resources

  • Federal and state news
  • State requirements and comparisons
  • Federal and state posters
  • Law updates
  • State websites
  • Forms, all customizable

Handbook Builder

  • Federal and state policy guidance
  • Employee handbook builder, state specific
  • Customizable options

Unlawful Harassment Training

  • 2-hour training course
  • Compliance oriented
  • Available to managers, supervisors, employees, etc.
  • No additional cost

HR Express Updates

  • Monthly HR updates
  • Workplace issues
  • Current regulations

CE Credit Webinars

  • Bi-monthly webinars
  • Covers broad range of HR topics
  • Earn CE credits through the HR Certification Center
  • No additional cost