Blue Cross & Blue Shield Class Action Suit

Posted 04.21.21

Preliminary approval of the Settlement in the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Antitrust Litigation has been granted. Plaintiffs claimed that BCBS Association and Settling Individual Blue Plans violated antitrust laws by entering into an agreement not to compete with each other and to limit competition among themselves in selling health insurance and administrative services for health insurance. Defendants denied all claims asserting that their conduct resulted in lower healthcare costs and greater access to care. The Court did not decide who is right.

The Settlement Class Period for Individuals and Insured Groups is from February 7, 2008, through October 16, 2020. A person may be eligible to receive payment if they are an individual, insured group (and their employees) or self-funded account (and their employees) that purchased or were enrolled in a Blue Cross or Blue Shield health insurance or administrative services plan during one of the two Settlement Class Periods. Government accounts are excluded from the Class.

The Settlement Class Period for Self-Funded Accounts is from September 1, 2015 through October 16, 2020. Dependents, beneficiaries (including minors), and non-employees are NOT eligible to receive payment.

Information is being sent to previous BCBS Groups and Individuals explaining the $2.67 Billion Settlement surrounding the claim that BCBS violated antitrust laws.

The Court has appointed JND Legal Administration to administer settlement claims. JND has established an official website where Court-approved information about the Settlement is available.  The website also contains a copy of the claim form, which is designed to be simple and straightforward to fill out. Any other entity soliciting business related to the Settlement is not affiliated with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, the Court, plaintiffs, or the Claims Administrator. If you have questions related to the class notice or claims administration process, please go to

For further information, please contact your NEEBCo Account Manager or Benefits Consultant.

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