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Discount Drug Program Profits Hospitals

Program initially intended to help the poor
Pharmaceutical companies are now asking that the 340B program created under the Veterans Health Care act in 1992 be re-evaluated as a result of a study indicating that hospitals are also selling the drugs to commercially insured individuals and keeping the profits. Expansion under the Affordable Care Act …

ACA Risk Corridor Program Under Scrutiny

GAO issued opinion that Congress must provide funding
A program set up to protect insurance companies should they have major losses from exchange customers is under scrutiny. In what constitutes a bail-out for insurance companies, 14 Republican senators have sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner asking him to block any bill that would …

Emergency Room Physicians May not be Network Providers

Patient advocates calling for reform
The September 29, 2014 NAHU Newswireis reporting an article printed in the New York Times. Hospitals that contract Emergency Room physicians who have a different billing process than the facility they are working in could possibly be out of network providers. Depending on the individual’s policy, the patient could be …