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Wellness Program Taxability

Employer-sponsored wellness programs often incorporate rewards or incentives to encourage employees to participate. Because there are numerous legal requirements for wellness program design, employers sometimes overlook the federal tax implications of a program’s rewards.
Federal tax law does not include a specific exemption for wellness program incentives. While coverage by an employer-provided wellness program that …

Section 125 Abusive Tax Arrangements

There has been a recent resurgence of Section 125 “abusive tax arrangement” plans. Many times these programs are marketed to smaller employers, with several variations that all appear to be too good to be true – allow a larger portion of an employee’s income to be put through a Section 125 program as a pre-tax …

Reference-Based Pricing

Employers who use reference-based pricing have the potential for two main benefits: lower total health care expenses and higher employee engagement in health care decisions. Referenced-based pricing works by setting spending limits on certain procedures or services—meaning an individual would only be covered up to the established limit for these services and would have to …